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The 23rd Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award
Name of Organisation
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地址 Address

地區 District / 區域 Region
開始營運 Start of Operation date
結束營運 End of Operation date (如適用 if applicable)
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僱員人數 No. of Employees
在截止報名日期前的12個月內,並無任何嚴重或致命意外 (包括收到由勞工處發出的暫時停工通知書) 在該參賽的機構或工作場所發生。
No serious accident or fatal accident (including received the suspension notice from the Labour Department) has happened in that organization / workplace in the 12 months preceding the enrolment deadline.
業務性質 Nature of Business
參賽類別 Categories of Awards*
1. 安全管理制度大奬 Safety Management System Award
(a) Construction Industry    (b) All Industries
5S Good Housekeeping Best Practices Award
(只限「建造業組」) (新增)
    Safety Morning Briefing Best Practices Award (Only applicable to Construction Industry Category) (New)
2. 安全表現大奬 Safety Performance Award
(a) Construction Industry    (b) SMEs    (c) All Industries
     (有三年相關營運紀錄) Safety Performance Award (with 3 years relevant records)
          Rookie Safety Performance Award (with at least 1 year and not more than 2 years relevant records)
3. OSH Enhancement Program Award
     OSH Innovative Award
4. OSH Promotion Award
5. Occupational Rehabitation Award
6. OSH Report Award
7. Work Safe Behaviour Award
     Pointing and Calling Best Practices Award
8. Safety Culture Award
     Safety Climate Index Best Practices Award
9. 最佳酷熱天氣下職安健計劃 Best Program for Work Safety & Health in Hot Weather
(a) Construction Industry    (b) SMEs    (c) All Industries
參賽項目名稱 (如適用)
Project Name (if applicable)
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Contact person Surname  Given Name
職位 Position
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  加分項目 Additional scores will be given if the applicant company
Is a small and medium enterprise (any manufacturing businesses which employ fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or any non-manufacturing business which employ fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong)
(NOT applicable to Safety Performance Award and Best Program for Work Safety & Health in Hot Weather Award)
Signed the "Charter on Preferential Appointment of OSH Star Enterprise” (Enrolment form: http://bit.ly/2pQxPGt)
,例如向員工發放健康資訊、為員工提供健康風險評估設備、推行禁煙及戒煙措施等 (須在報告內容及實地評核顯示)(「護心約章」參加表格及詳情:https://bit.ly/3Aw0yFA
Promoted prevention of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases (CCVDs) in the organisation or signed the "Heart Caring Charter". For example, distributing health information to employees, providing health risk assessment tools, banning smoking and smoking cessation measures, etc. (Evidence should be shown in the report and during the site visit)("Heart Caring Charter" Enrolment Form and details: https://bit.ly/44330ki)
(參加表格:https://bit.ly/3wtMK02)或「精神健康職場約章」(參加表格:http://bit.ly/370elGI)。 Signed the "Joyful@Healthy Workplace Charter"(Enrolment form: https://bit.ly/3yiIfWG) or "Mental Health Workplace Charter"(Enrolment form:http://bit.ly/370elGI)
Accredited or participated the following schemes before the enrolment deadline
Implements preventive measures against infectious disease such as mosquito breeding and dengue fever at the construction site / project, and evidence should be shown in report and during the site visit. (Only applicable to the construction industry category of the Safety Management System Award, Safety Performance Award and Best Program for Work Safety & Health in Hot Weather) (Guidelines on Mosquito Prevention for Contractors of Construction Sites: https://bit.ly/2VQZLuV)
promotes using lanyards that comply with relevant safety standard for work at height or work above ground in order to prevent falling objects including tools or other materials at the construction site/ project, and evidence should be shown in report and during the site visit. (Tool Lanyard Sponsorship Scheme for SMEs enrolment form: http://bit.ly/3yCH7tS)

參賽規則及條件 Rules and Conditions
*本局可能透過短訊提供此活動及職安健資料 The Council may send you the OSH information and the event details by SMS
本機構明暸並願意遵守參賽的規則及條件。We have read the Rules and Conditions of Entry and agree to abide by them.
We agree to our entry being publicised and published at the discretion of the Occupational Safety and Health Council.
We agree to indemnify the Occupational Safety and Health Council against all claims relating to or arising from submission of this entry.
We agree that all decision made by the Organizer and the Judging Panel are final and binding in all aspects relating to the Hong Kong OSH Award.
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《收集個人資料聲明》《Personal Data Collection Statement》
1. 你向職業安全健康局(「本局」)所提供的資料,包括《個人資料(私隱)條例》所指的個人資料,只會用於相關活動。
The information you provide to the Occupational Safety and Health Council (the Council), including any personal data as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the Ordinance), will be used solely for purposes related to the activities of the Council.
2. 為讓你得知最新的本局活動,本局將使用你的個人資料,包括你的姓名、電話號碼、郵寄和電郵地址,將有關職業安全健康訓練課程、活動、服務及資訊提供給你。你的個人資料亦可能被用作本局之研究及統計用途。
To keep you informed of Council's activities, the Council would like to use your personal data, including your name, telephone number and correspondence and email addresses, to update you in relation to our training courses, events and other OSH related information. Your personal data may also be used for our research and statistical purposes.
3. 你可選擇是否同意接收上述資訊。若同意的話,請於下列接收資訊一欄之空格內加上 ☑ 號。
You are free to decide whether you wish to receive such information. If you choose to do so, please put a tick in the box below *.
4. 你有權要求查閱及修正你的個人資料。有關申請須以書面向本局提出,地址為香港北角馬寶道28號華匯中心19樓。
You are also entitled to request access to and correction of any errors in your personal data. If you wish to do so, please write to the Council at 19/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

I wish to receive any information from the Council in relation to its activities.